How to get started on E-GO APP

How to make an account.

There are two ways to get started: download the app to your phone or enter the website (I recommend the website because the site is so good right now). Make sure you enter the username you would like to compete with because there's no going back. You can't edit your name after the account is created. 

How to join a Tournament 

To enter a tournament and compete from the get-go, you must complete a roster before the tournament deadline. But don't worry if you don't make it until the first deadline – you can still enter the tournament but for the cost of not scoring any points on the first matchday.

Fantasy Tournament

How to create a lineup 

At the start of the tournament, you have $1000 in your budget. You don't need to use every $, but there's no chance to exceed your budget. So here, you'll have to use your funds in the brightest possible way. There's often an excellent solution to find one low-priced player but with a high skill ceiling. With this move, you'll have more of your budget on the best and higher-priced players.

Picking players

How to pick a captain 

This comes down to your strategy and gut feeling, but I have some good advice. Firstly, make sure you study the schedule thoroughly. When I pick my captain, I always follow this priority; the number of matches > fixture > awper > form.

Further explained:

1. Number of matches: If one player in your team plays two games within a matchday, I always want to captain that player because he then has two chances to pop off and also has a higher amount of "guaranteed" points 

2. Fixture: If all my players have the exact matches within that matchday, I then look at the fixtures and captain the player with the most accessible fixture of the day. 

3. Awper: After checking the first two parameters and I'm still undecided – I then almost always prefer an awper over a rifler because awpers often get better k/d thanks to saving weapon and, by that, end up with better k/d, which means more bonus points.

4. Form: If I have two or more players with the same number of matches and play against similar teams, I then look at the individual form. 

And also, remember that the captain role can be changed each day during the editing phase. This means you can have different players each day as captain.'

Picking a captain

How to find tournament info (blog post) 

Ensure you read the website where the E-GO team always publishes at least one text with information about the tournament. On top of that, 1Danne1 often writes guides with tips and tricks for each tournament. 

News page

How to use sell tokens 

With only two sell tokens to use, this is one of your few possibilities to gain an advantage over your opponents and shoot at making that winning move. This also comes down to your strategy and/or gut feeling. I could go miles deep on this topic but let's keep it simple; either you go with the "safe play" or the "g0dead play". 

The "safe play" means that you keep your sales until you have one or more players getting eliminated and then replace these with players yet alive in the tournament.

The "g0dead" play, a famous play within the E-Go community, means you use your sales to go all-in on one or two teams.

Sell or captain change

Ready for some action?

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