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The organizer of the Tournament

E-GOGO E-SPORTS AB (the “Organizer”), Organizational number: 559234-4641, with registered office in Medborgarplatsen 25, 118 72 Stockholm, owner of the websites, and the E-GO Esport app. E-GO APP (“E-GO”, “Website”, “App”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is a host of online E-GO APP Esport Fantasy Tournaments (“Tournament”, "Tournaments" and “E-GO Fantasy”) which are completely free of charge.


  1. To participate in our Tournaments, you (“Participant”, “User”, “you”, “your”) must create and register your personal account on either the Website or via the App.
  2. If a Participant gets banned on the Website or in the App for whatever reason during any phase/stage of a Tournament, they will not be eligible to continue their participation.
  3. Participants must be 18 years old or older or have the consent of their legal guardian to be eligible to participate. When it comes to Participants who are not 18 years old or older, the Organizer reserves the right to request the proof of the consent of the Participant’s legal guardian, at its sole discretion and at any stage of a Tournament.
  4. Our Tournaments are open worldwide; however, there are restrictions in place in Excluded Countries (as defined below). Participants who permanently reside in an Excluded Country are permitted to participate in our Tournaments but are not eligible to receive prizes due to legal restrictions currently in force.
  5. Countries that may be excluded include, but are not limited to: All African countries, all Asian countries except India, all Australian countries, Russia and parts of USA (the states that are eligible for prizes in USA at the moment are, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. We will update this document with further states as legislation allows for it), (these areas all represent an “Excluded Country” and collectively the “Excluded Countries”). The Organizer may add or remove countries and territories from the list of Excluded Countries from time to time at its sole discretion to comply with applicable laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, guidelines, and industry codes of practice.
  6. In case a resident of any of the Excluded Countries decides to participate and finishes in a position that should be awarded with a prize, the Organizer will, award the prize to the next eligible Participant or Participants in accordance with the Prize chart.
  7. By taking part in a Tournament, Participants consent and fully accept the Participation Rules stated in this document and the Privacy Policy posted on the Website.
  8. Employees and freelancers hired by the Organizer directly or through intermediary companies, are allowed to participate in the Tournament, but are not eligible for any prizes.
  9. We do host E-GO Partner Tournaments, and in such tournaments we will declare that the Tournament in question is a Partner Tournament before entering it. When Participating in a Partner Tournament trough the E-GO APP platform, the Participant will consent to our partners Participation Rules, their Privacy Policy and to us sharing the Participants Account Information with our Partner. And our Partner will take the formal obligations as the Organizer, in the unlikely event of a disagreement between our Participation Rules and our Partners Participation Rules, the Participation Rules published by our partner will take President.

How to participate

  1. Participating in our Tournaments is completely free of charge.
  2. To participate, you will have to draft your virtual esport Fantasy lineup, pick players from the biggest esport titles in the world for each upcoming or ongoing event and accumulate points as a virtual coach based on the achievements of the players in your Fantasy lineup. You can find more information and instructions on how to play Fantasy esport on our Website.
  3. Only one account per Participant is eligeble for prizes in our Tournaments.

Selection of winners

  1. The selection of winners will be made according to the total number of points the Participants have accumulated until the end of an ongoing Tournament. Prizes will be allocated according to Participants number of points at the end of a Tournament.
  2. In case of a tie between Participants in a leaderboard position which is awarded a prize for a Tournament, the tied players will share the prize for the leaderboard position in question and the prize for the leaderboard position below their position.
  3. Information on the usernames/nicknames of the Tournament winners and the value of the prizes will be published and publicly available on the Website.


  1. The Participants who are eligible for prizes in a Tournament that has ended, with the exception of banned participants and permanent residents of the Excluded Countries, will receive the prizes according to the rules listed below:
  3. The Organizer will contact the winner via email connected to their registered E-GO APP account to arrange the transaction of the prize no later than 14 days after the end of a Tournament.
  4. The Organizer will hand over the prizes to the winners within a maximum of 30 days after settling and verifying them. The winners will be asked to provide their Steam trade link, Bank information, address or other credentials, in addition to some other information needed for the purpose of arranging the transfer of the prize.
  5. The winners must respond to the Organizer within a 30-day period after they are contacted. The winner who fails to provide the credentials and other necessary info within 30 days will lose eligibility to receive the prize. In that case, the award will be handed over to the next in line Participant according to the Prize Chart in the specific Tournament.
  6. Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and no alternative is offered.
  7. The usernames/nicknames of the winners will be announced publicly on the Website. Players will be given the opportunity to object to their information being published by sending a support-ticket in our discord.
  8. If it is a cash prizes it will be delivered/transferred via Bank transfer, PayPal or invoice sent to the Organizer. If it is “in-game skin” prizes they shall be transferred to the winner through the appropriate game engine, if it is physical prizes such as gaming hardware from a sponsor it will be delivered to the Participants prefered delivery adress free of charge.


  1. The prize might be taxable in your area. You must participate in the process of determining tax liabilities with the Organizer. It is your own responsibility to report the amounts earned and comply with the legal obligations established by the tax regulations that apply to you. Both the form of notification and the taxation of the prizes may vary depending on the country. In case the Organizer is liable to pay taxes in your jurisdiction, we will contact the local tax office in your jurisdiction, assess the local tax regulations, calculate, and pay any taxes related to the prize, if paid by the Organizer taxes will be deducted from the total amount of the award won.
  2. In case a cash prize was awarded to you, the Organizer shall request formal proof of the report you submitted to the tax authorities for the amounts earned prior to paying out the total amount of the award you won. As soon as you provide such evidence, the Organizer will pay out the total award to you.
  3. The Organizer shall be at your disposal if any confirmation and/or documentation is needed from The Organizer for submitting the tax report to your local tax authorities and/or if any pre-payments are needed for this purpose.
  4. In the event any pre-payments are needed for tax reporting reasons, those expenses shall be covered by the Organizer. The Organizer shall pay out to the winner the requested sum upon receiving such a request from the winner. Any pre-paid amount will be deducted from the total amount of the award won.

Protection of personal data

  1. Protection of your personal privacy when you participate in our tournaments is very important for us. Therefore, we process your personal data with the greatest caution and in accordance with all relevant laws.
  2. For your successful participation in a Tournament, we must process the following personal data:
  • Your E-GO APP username and your connected email – processing this data is necessary to distinguish you from other participants. Also, we may publish your username when we create the ranking list and if you win a Tournament (more about that in the section 'Selection of winners', subsection 3 in this Tournament Rules).

If you are eligible for any prizes due to your performance in a Tournament, we will also have to process the following data:

  • Your age – we need this to assess whether you satisfy legal requirements related to the threshold age for participation in a Tournament (more about that in the section 'Eligibility', subsection 3 in this Tournament Rules).
  • Your nationality and/or place of residence – we must check whether you are based in an ‘Excluded Country’ (for more info, check section ‘Eligibility’, subsection 5 in this Tournament Rules).
  • PII and financial data – in case you win a Tournament, we will ask you for your personally identifiable information (such as name, surname, address) and if it is a cash prize, financial data (e.g., bank account, e-wallet details). We will need this info for delivering or paying the prize.
  1. Please, be aware that we could have an obligation to announce who the winners of a Tournament are pursuant to transparency obligation regulated by relevant national legislations. In such cases, the list of the winners' usernames will be posted on the E-GO APP website.
  2. The legal ground for processing your personal data is your consent given before you take part in any of our tournaments or our obligation to comply with mandatory laws.
  3. We will keep your data until the completion of a Tournament. When a Tournament is concluded and the prizes are delivered, all of the personal data we have collected for the successful realization of the Tournament prize distribution will be deleted. However, be aware that we will keep posts with info on Tournament winners to preserve the transparent organization of the Tournament. Also, we may keep some of your personal data if it is necessary to comply with national laws.
  4. You are entitled to exercise all data protection rights granted by the EU Law, and particularly by the GDPR. If you would like to find out more about your rights, how to exercise them, as well as more about our way of protecting your data, we advise you to read our Privacy Policy.

Breach of rules

  1. Any breach of the Rules is forbidden and will be sanctioned. Punishments include disqualification from ongoing Tournaments, warnings about conduct, temporary bans for participation, permanent blocking from accessing Tournaments and in certain circumstances, your E-GO APP account suspension, or a permanent ban.
  2. Breach of the Rules may include, but is not limited to:
  • Participating in a Tournament from multiple accounts. Every prize-winning account goes through a series of account checks to ensure that it wasn't involved in multi-accounting abuse. If the abuse is found by the Organizer, the offender will not be eligible to receive the prize.
  • Leagues or team names featuring obscene vocabulary or offensive remarks (or otherwise inappropriate). Please respect your fellow Participants and refrain from using abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic language, or any other forms of discrimination. We also ask the Participants to avoid using any intentionally provocative content, e.g., extreme political views.
  • If a Participant violates the Tournament Rules, they will be punished at the Organizer's sole discretion. The extent of punishment is determined by the severity of the offence and whether the Participant is a repeat offender. Cases are judged on individual merit, and decisions made by the Organizer are final and should be respected.
  • If a Participant gets banned on the Website or in the App for whatever reason, they will no longer be eligible to participate in our Tournaments.


  1. Any issues or doubts that have no clear guidelines in the above rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Organizer’s administration.
  2. If you wish to contest some of our decisions, you can do so by creating a support ticket in our discord.
  3. Any legal disputes that may arise will be subject to Swedish law and will be settled by the competent courts of Sweden.


  1. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the above Tournament rules at its sole discretion and will inform users of any significant changes by announcing the changes publicly on the Website.
  2. If you are participating in a E-GO Partner Tournament, other rules may apply. Go to their website for more information.

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