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Become a Fantasy Esport Coach and compete for cash prizes and in-game skins versus Friends and other gamers in top-tier esport tournaments.

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Create your own Fantasy Esport Team

Free tournaments for players of all levels. Currently supporting:
League of legends, CS:GO, Dota 2.

Win huge prizes

Play in tournaments and leagues to win cash prizes and in-game skins. Compete versus other coaches in the Global League or private leagues.

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Compete with Friends

Join private or public leagues made by other gamers or build a new community with your own fantasy leagues.

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Widespread Fantasy Coverage

We host all top-tier esport tournaments in LOL, CSGO & Dota 2. Chances are there are probably tournaments live now.

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions on who we are and how you can get started

What is Fantasy Esports?

A virtual “Coach-competition”. Where participants globally compete in creating the best lineup based on IRL data during a big esport tournament.

How does it work?

Historic player data is gathered for every player in an upcoming tournament. That data passes through stat-algorithms to generate a price for each player The participants can start buying players to their virtual lineup as soon as the Fantasy tournament is published. When the tournament starts, participants will be awarded points based on their player choices according to a new set of stat-algorithms

How do you do tournament Prizes?

When the tournament is over, there will be one or multiple winners who will get awarded prizes and the rights to boast with all their esports “know how”!

We have everything from Gaming gear from our partners, In-Game skins for the titles we support, in-app rewards such as ranks and avatars & more to come!

How do I participate?

Go to to create your E-GO fantasy profile, once that’s done you are good to go – it´s free to play! We do have an app as well, so be sure to download it so you don´t miss out on the fun while commuting 😉

How do I get points?

All details surrounding our point system, fantasy rules & league-specific information are shared on our Blog Posts under "News" and on our Discord Server.

Do you have a forum with other enthusiasts?

We do, head over to our discord and join the discussion with other enthusiasts and fantasy esports fans worldwide! And it´s not exclusively formed around fantasy, we host actual tournaments and other activities too 😊

Ready for some action?

Become a Fantasy Esport Coach

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