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Share your passion in a one-stop-shop for e-sport consumption with unparalleled user experience
Personalized feed

E-sport calendar and notifications based on your preferences

With E-GO app you can make a personalized calendar-feed and get notifications on games and teams of your preferences. Forget all those hours of searching to keep up to date on e-sports, the app does it for you.

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Content - live streams

Love the live experience? Well, we do too!

We really enjoy to experience e-sport when it´s live and for us, it does not really make sense to have one platform for scheduling, another for stats and information and a third for the live experience... So we aggregated it all.

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Get full Tournament Coverage

Do you want to read up on stats in an ongoing tournament, get info on an upcoming tournament or binge-watch every single game? Well, we´ve made sure to provide it all, so no matter who you are we´d love to cater to your needs.

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Fantasy esports

Compete with friends and test your skills in global leaderboards

Share your passion for the game, boast with all your e-sports know-how and compete for prizes in our global leaderboards. Build virtual lineups and earn points based on the IRL performance of players in your lineup, coach your lineup as the tournament proceeds toward the grand final.

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