Calling all League of Legends Aficionados

After a summer filled with high octane Fantasy Esports and a well deserved vacation we´re back at the office more than eager to pick up where we left off in our efforts to create a world leading Fantasy esport experience.

Firstly I´d like to thank every last one of you guys who´ve kept messaging us with feedback and "Do's & Dont´s" in our community channels this summer and also for your patience during Fantasy tournaments we´ve had during this period. As mentioned in July, big things have been brewing for quite some time here at E-GO. And we're now ready to announce that League of Legends will be added to the E-GO platform shortly!

More details about the release of League of Legends will be published here in a very near future and in the meantime we´d love to hear from you if you are a League of Legends Aficionado, either in the Discord or contact one of us from the "About" section of the site.

Ready for some action?

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