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We're unifying the entire fantasy esport community so that players can easily follow their teams, make strategic decisions, and enjoy esport on a new level - all in one place.

We're building an ecosystem where anyone can get inspired by the world of esports and discover more games, teams and players. See you on the leaderboards!

Why E-GO?

Out of the 500 million esports consumers out there today, 240 million of them are enthusiasts.

That's right - and there´s more content and titles than ever before to fall in love with, but the consumer experience is still scattered.

Most enthusiasts have three challenges with the consumer infrastructure of today:

  • Being able to put their esports know-how to use
  • Enjoying and sharing their passion with other enthusiasts
  • Ever-changing tournament schedules and lack of notifications

That´s why we built E-GO APP - An esports fantasy platform that gamifies, elevates & aggregates every aspect of esport consumption.

Viktor Maisey E-GO APP CEO

Viktor Maisey

CEO - Founder

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