Win Xtrfy gear in the Blast Premier World Finals fantasy esport tournament


With Blast Premier World Finals on the horizon, we have added a new fantasy tournament in the app ACTIVE NOW! It's time to sharpen your minds and read up on the latest CS:GO news. Because not only are we teaming up with Xtrfy for this tournament, we are also giving out one €100 steam gift card to three lucky players who have entered our fantasy tournament. You can call it a Christmas special. I call it a Christmas miracle! 

It starts 14th of Dec and ends 19th. GL HF!


These are the prizes for the top 3 placements: 

1st place 🥇:

• Headset: H2

• Mouse: M4

• Keyboard: K4-TKL

• Mousepad: GP4

• Bungee: B4

2nd place 🥈:

• Mouse: M4

• Mousepad: GP4

• Bungee: B4

3rd place 🥉:

• Mousepad: GP4

Thanks again to Xtrfy for sponsoring this tournament! 

Points and Captain Feature


0 point if the player has 6 and below kills.

1 point for 7-9 kills

2 points for 10-13 kills

3 points for 14-16 kills

4 points for 17-20 kills

5 points for 21- 29 kills

7 points for 30 and above kills.


0 points if the player has >25 deaths.

1 point for 20-24 deaths.

2 points for 15-19 deaths.

3 points for 10-14 deaths.

4 points for 10 or below.


1 point for 1-2 assists

2 points for 3-5 assists

3 points for >6 assists

Win and Lose

Winning a match will gain 6 points (+6)

Losing a match will take away 3 points. (-3)

Captain Feature

You can now pick a certain player that will gain 2x the amount of points, that player will be your fantasy team's captain. You can swap your captain every 24 hour.

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