Welcome to Winter Clash 2021

How you can compete in this year's Winter Clash!
Isak Håkansson
Isak Håkansson
Community Manager
December 16, 2021
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Welcome to Winter Clash 2021

How to play in Winter Clash

The tournaments are going to be played on Challengermode.com and will consist of:

Each tournament has a prize pool of €50 divided in €30, €15, €5.

There will also be two different ladders these will consist of:

They will have a prize pool of €10 and 6 winners.

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You need to do these three steps to compete

  • Create a Challengermode account
  • Download our esport app, E-GO APP
  • Request to join with your E-GO APP username.

If you are just getting started with challengermode we recommend you read this article published by the team over at challengermode. Read it here

Download the E-GO APP here

E-GO APP is an esport app to follow teams, tournaments and players. That way, you will never miss a match again. Not only can you build your personalized calendar, but you can also compete in our fantasy games where you build your esport team and have the chance to win great prizes.

Download here: IOS

Download here: Android


This event will feature I-C3, a league of legends caster that will stream the League of legends 2v2 on our main twitch channel here: Twitch

Caster Poster I-C3

Discord & Twitter

For more information, please visit our other channels:



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