Winter Split Winner Interview: Tapkick999

This is an exclusive winner interview with the winner of our most recent LOL Fantasy tournament: LEC Winter Split.

What motivated you to participate in this fantasy esports tournament?

  • Of course, like many others, I was also interested in the prize pool of the tournament! Since the larger the prize pool of the tournament, the more attention you pay to it and try to find out more information about each player and team

What strategies did you use to pick your fantasy team?

  • In the first stage, I had a standard lineup of 2-2-1. And in the second stage, as I remember, there was nothing special either. But in the third stage, you had to find a lineup in which you will play g2 and koi on the first day, and in this case you will be able to find out the finalist of the tournament. And after I found out the finalist of the tournament, I sold szygenda and bought a player from mad lions to get more games

Were there any challenges you faced during the tournament, and how did you overcome them?

  • I roughly understood how I would play, so I had no difficulties with the selection of players. But the most important moment was on the 5th map mad lions vs sk if mad lions lost this map everything would be very bad.

Can you walk us through your winning moment in the tournament?

  • I knew that I won the tournament 1 day in advance. Since I knew that if there was a mad lions vs g2 final I would win. But at the moment of winning I could not even realize that this was possible.

How do you plan to spend your $5000 prize money?

  • So far, I don’t know where to spend the money. Since with the current situation in my country, you cannot predict what will happen next.

What advice would you give to other players who want to succeed in fantasy esports?

  • There is no formula for success. It all depends on luck. Since fantasy is mostly luck.

Do you play any games yourself or do you just enjoy watching esport?

  • I play very little now, but I'm a big esports fan. I like watching more than playing

Have you ever won a fantasy esports tournament before, and if so, how does this victory compare?

  • Unfortunately, I haven't won before.

How did your family and friends react to your victory in the tournament?

  • My mother always believe in me! She gives me complete freedom of action in life! I have never been forced to do anything I did not want to. Many of my friends said that it would be impossible to win because there are too many people involved (But inside I knew that if you believe in victory, maybe it will happen. But if you approach this case with a depressed attitude I am sure that in this case it will be impossible to win

What role does esports play in your life?

  • As I wrote earlier, I really like watching cyber sports. Even playing is not as interesting as watching.

How do you stay up to date with the latest esports trends and news?

  • You can read any source with news! You can hear about cybersports from everyone these days.

Do you have a specific ritual or routine you follow before playing in an esports tournament?

  • Your faith in success is the most important ritual

What do you think makes fantasy esports unique compared to traditional sports?

  • The uniqueness of cybersport is that even if a person is limited, he can get into cybersport  Because you won't have restrictions like in traditional sports.

Do you have any plans to pursue a career in esports, or is it just a hobby for you?

  • Thats my hobby.

Can you tell us about any esports events or tournaments you're looking forward to in the future?

  • Lec spring 2023! I will try to be prepared for this

How does your success in fantasy esports impact your day-to-day life?

  • Every victory is a certainty

How do you think esports will continue to evolve and grow in the future?

  • I think that maybe more companies will start investing in eSports, which will give even more prize money and bring even more people.

Can you share any tips or tricks for building a winning fantasy esports team?

  • I don't think there are any definite recommendations. Choose what you feel !

Thank you Tapkick999, for the inverview & GL HF in LEC Spring Split.

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