Welcome to Fantasy Tournament for EU RMR A-B

This is an info site for both A and B fantasy tournaments. The tournament format is 16 teams swiss format. Where elimination and advancement matches are bo3, and all other games are bo1.The top 8 teams will proceed to the Major

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 EU RMR A starts Apr 17th and ends Apr 20th 2022.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 EU RMR B starts Apr 21st and ends Apr 24th 2022.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 EU RMR A - Prizes

prize display landscape a

1st place wins:

  • ★ Navaja Knife | Doppler (FN) 🏆

2nd place wins:

  • StatTrak™AWP | Electric Hive (FN) 🥈

3rd place wins:

  • StatTrak™Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (FN) 🥉


  • Top 3 winners receive the PGL Major RMR Avatar 2022 (event exclusive)
  • 1danne1 Avatar (if you beat him in his league)
  • Vardu Avatar (if you beat him in his league)
  • Pro Slayer rank (if you beat any pro players)

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 EU RMR B - Prizes

prizes rmr b

1st place wins:

  • ★ Shadow Daggers | Tiger Tooth (FN)

2nd place wins:

  • AWP | Hyper Beast (FN)

3rd place wins:

  • StatTrak™USP-S | Dark Water (MW)

Point System

Here is the point system we will be using in the Blast Premier: Spring Showdown tournament

1 Kill = +0.3 points

1 Assist = +0.2 points

1 Death = -0.15 points

KD-rating = 0-4 points

  • KD-rating: 0.8-1.0 = 1 point
  • KD-rating: 1.1-1.2 = 2 points
  • KD-rating: 1.3-1.5 = 3 points
  • KD-rating: 1.5+ = 4 points

Winning a match series = 2 points

Losing a match series = 0 points

Point system in practice:

Every player in your "active roster" will receive points per series rather than per map; see a BO3-example below.

Map 1 = 11 points, map 2 = 12 points & map 3 = 9 points. In this case, that player would receive 32/3 = 10.7 points. Of course + the average KD rating in that series and the extra 2 points if that player's team won that series.

Point Padding

Suppose you have players that play well and thus qualify for the main event fast. They will then be given point padding for every missed match. So let's say NAVI goes 3-0, which means that they will be cutting 2 matches. This gives them 5x2 point padding, so 10 extra points. These points are given out during the 4th and 5th matches. Selling your player once they score 3-0 will not give you any point padding. So here is where you decide to either keep them for the stable point padding or if you want to sell them and risk higher points from somebody still competing. You can not boost the point padding with the captain role.

Point padding = 5 points for every match-series the team does not play.

Captain Feature

The captain feature gives a 30% point bonus to the player you have assigned as your Captain. If you want, you can assign a Captain before the league starts, and the captain booster will stay on that player until you actively change it to another player. You have one captain-swap every day, but you will lose your captain-swap for the day if your captain has started a match series.

Captain = 1.3x bonus points

Selling a player

You can sell and buy players (but use your player transactions wisely, you only have 2 of them). When selling a player, you will be refunded the amount you purchased the player for. However, you can not sell a player if they are in a match. You will keep the points of your sold players for the remainder of the tournament. At the start of a tournament, you can have a maximum of 2 players from any team, but when you sell a player, you can bypass the limitation of 2 players from one team. So from the point of selling a player, you could have 3-4 players from one team (that is, if you can afford them, of course). But keep in mind that you only have 2 "Player-transactions" per tournament!

Player-transactions = 2 per tournament.

Bench Mechanics

The bench mechanic is an important game mechanic in our fantasy tournaments and can make a big difference in how many points you get.

Each fantasy team consists of 6 players. One of these has to occupy the bench. While on the bench, that player does not accumulate any points. Only when they are swapped out with one of the players in your active roster, do they gain points.

So, for example suppose you have player A playing on Monday and player B playing on Tuesday. A good strategy would be to swap those players once you have received your points for Player A.

Player-swaps = 1 time per day (reset 00:00 CET).

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1danne1 League

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