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When it comes to creating your fantasy roster for the group stage, things suddenly get much more complicated than it was for the play-in stage. In that stage, the lineup was mostly simple – the only difficult part was deciding which players to take from RNG/DRX, and finding a sleeper amongst the lower teams (I hope you picked Elyoya!!). Now, the number of teams to choose from increases exponentially, with games that project to be much more competitive. Additionally, it seems prices are a bit higher this round, so you will really have to reach in some spots in order to fill out your roster. Here are my top 5 tips on how to build the best roster for the group stage of the E-go/Mobafire $10,000 Fantasy LOL Tournament.

5. Choose Your Sleeper Wisely

As I just mentioned, filling out a roster will be much more difficult as this stage of the tournament. With prices being generally higher, you will have to reach down to one of the lower projected (worse?) teams to fill out your roster. Which of these teams will be successful? And can you nail which player it will be? The only teams that seem to have players on the cheap are CTBC Flying Oyster, Gigabyte Marines, 100 Thieves,Cloud 9, and EG (the NA disrespect!) History tells us that one of these teams will make some noise, if not surprise the world to make it out of the groupstage.

When making this decision, I am looking at two things. First: who else is in their group. When you look at a team like EG(who I love IRL btw,) their group consists of G2 from Europe, DWG from Korea, and JDG from China. Any single win against these teams would be considered a big upset (especially with EG going 0-6 against G2 at MSI). On the other hand, a team like 100T has a beatable team in their group in CTBC Flying Oyster. While unlikely to defeat GenG or RNG, they could easily go 2-4.

I am also taking into account which position I will choose as my sleeper. Since this pick is the one most likely todo poorly, I want to put it into a position that is lower scoring in general. We’ve talked in previous episodes about the highest scoring positions being both the ADC and the Top lane. I will not be putting players from lower rated teams into these spots.

4. Investigate Which Players Teams Feed

My strategy in the group stage was to identify which players receive the most resources from their team. In the progame, this does not happen randomly – teams actively decide which players are receiving the gold, experience, etc. Not only does this give that player more power to secure kills and win the game, it also directly leads to higher scores in the form of points from farming. In the group stage, we saw players like DRXZeka absorb these resources and use them well, while players like MAD Nisqywere happy to fore go some of those resources to get his team ahead (and look what it did for Elyoya!) There are many ways to evaluate this, but the easiest way is to look at a player’s CS/min. This number was my second most important factor when deciding my lineup – second only to which teams I thought would win.

When looking at this, a few players stickout. From the ADC position, the top farming players are GenG Ruler (10.4,highest in the tournament), RGE Comp (10.3), T1 Gumayusi (10.1), and EG Kaori(10.1). The top CS/min numbers from other lanes: in Mid, GenG Chovy and DRXZeka  (10, 9.2); in Top, G2 BrokenBlade and JDG 369 (8.7); and in Jungle, C9 Blaber and JDG Kanavi (6.1).

Knowing that their team is feeding them resources and trusting them to carry is enough for me to trust them as well. The players with high cs/min numbers are the ones you’ll see in my lineup.

3. Take a Risk

One important thing to remember in a tournament like this is that your goal is not to just do okay – your goal is to finish first. When I compare that to some other types of fantasy competitions,such as the season long FantasyLCS leagues that are the subject of my podcast (the League of (fantasy) Legends Podcast, check it out!!) most of the year, or even your standard fantasy football leagues, taking a risk is much more important. You’re not trying to beat one person – you’re trying to beat 1500! With that in mind, you’ll need to take a risk on your roster. If you have ahunch about a player – ride that! A great game from a 25% owned player will help you, but a great game from a 3% player will shoot you up the leaderboard.This is especially true if you find yourself significantly behind the leaders after the play-in stage. In that situation, you’ll need to make up points by finding edges your opponents don’t. If you have the same lineup as the players in front of you, you can’t catch them! So take a risk… what is there to lose?

2. Choose Your MVPs

This is the make or break of your team. Which players are you going to spend up on? There are so many good options. Especially in a year like this, there are no clear favorites. Many like GenG, after a dominant run in the LCK. But, the LPL has had their number in the last few international competitions, including winning 3 of the last 4 Worlds Championship, as well as 3 of the last 4 MSI Championships. The top 4 Chinese teams in TOP, EDG, JDG, and RNG have all shown periods of dominance this season, and each could be considered a championship contender. You can never count out LEC powerhouse G2, who always seems to show up in big moments behind superstars caPs and Jankos. And could I really talk about championship favorites without mentioning the G.O.A.T. himself, Faker and his T1 team?

In truth, you will only truly be able to spend up on two, maybe three players. So choose wisely! My main factor inmaking these decisions (and it will sound familiar!) is what positions I wills pend up on. If you’ve been following my articles or any of the podcasts, you know the highest scoring positions – ADC and Top. You’ll see my highest priced players in those spots.

1. Proper Captain Usage

This is the single most important factor when creating your lineup. With being able to change your captain in between each day, it is critical that you pay attention to the schedule. If you haven’t looked at the schedule yet, know this – in week 2 of groups, each group finishes out their whole round robin in one day. Said differently – only Group A plays Thursday, only Group B plays Friday, and so on. It is critical that you have at least one player from each group in your lineup. If you don’t, you will be missing out on captain bonus points from 3 games for every group you don’thave a player in.

In the first week of the group stage, not every team plays every day. In addition, you will be able to look and decide your captain based on the matchups. RNG Xiaohu as captain against the FlyingOysters? Sure! Against GenG? Maybe not. Make sure you are looking ahead at the schedule and planning out who your captain will be – both when creating your roster, and as the group stage progresses.

I hope these tips were helpful for youplanning your lineup for the group stage! Best of luck, and as always, go NA!

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