Team E-GO is growing!

Nordic Tech Fund, along with a bunch of other investors, joins us on our journey towards building the esport experience of tomorrow
Isak Håkansson
Isak Håkansson
Community Manager
September 14, 2021
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Team E-GO is growing!

We couldn't be more proud…

We are pleased to announce that Nordic Tech Fund and many other investors are with us on our quest to create the best possible esport experience. Together we believe in our vision: Keeping up with esport made easy.

All of this is possible because of the fantastic community - you guys—the E-GO team, our admins and moderators and most especially our users and members. We are grateful for all of your support, feedback and for helping us make E-GO come to life. You are all our inspiration. Here's to many more years of pursuing the next level for esport and something unique that only the modern age allows for.

Best wishes to everyone out there!

Read the Swedish press release here: 


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