Spring Split Winner Interview: Canasal01

This is an exclusive interview with the winner "Canasal01" of LEC Spring Split Global League by Plaion.

What motivated you to participate in this fantasy esports tournament?

I have participated in many of the csgo tournaments already, so I decided to give LOL a try back in the major and now in the spring split. LOL is also one of my go-to games during my free time, so it was an easy choice to join the fantasy and try my luck and skill in pro team building. 

What strategies did you use to pick your fantasy team?

So I started by looking into the winter split and the results. After that, I built a 2-2-1 team with 2 Vitality, 2 G2 and 1 TH. At that moment, I felt that TOP, JGL, and MID were the best roles, so I spent most of my money on players in those roles.

What is your strategy going into MSI? 

My bet is on the Chinese and Korean teams; G2 might be able to come out on top in some games as well.

I will also scout many of the "B-tier" teams who might be able to upset some of the better ones for extra points on the players you are using as fillers.

Were there any challenges you faced during the tournament, and how did you overcome them?

Yes absolutely! It was my mistake to use my ADC as a filler in the Regular Season, but fortunately for me, I did not lose too much on that decision. So as soon as the Group Stage started, I bought Crownie, and the ADC spot generated many points for me.

Can you walk us through your winning moment in the tournament?

It was a very stressful night; I watched it with 2 of my friends. We were so happy when BDS got two wins in a row, and we joked about how they would get reversed swept. So when it happened, the stress and anxiety were over the roof. 

I started to count the points on a piece of paper for every player because I did not want to wait, but of course, I was too slow and saw on the app instead that I had won the whole tournament. 

I celebrated with my friends, rushed into my parent's room, and woke them up.

How do you plan to spend your $5000 prize money?'

Im going to have to give you the boring answer, save and invest the money. I don't have anything I want to do with the money right now; therefore, I am putting it into future investments.

What advice would you give other players who want to succeed in fantasy esports?

Look into the player's and the team's playstyle to determine if they are more of a support player or the carry. Sometimes even the losing team's players can generate a good amount of points if they are the carry who gets the money funnelled to them.

Do you play any games yourself, or do you enjoy watching esport?

Yes, I do! CSGO, LOL and TFT are some of my favourites. Valorant is sometimes also on the schedule. 

I enjoy watching pros play in every game. I always find it fun to learn new stuff, and watching the best people play can give you something to use in your games.

Have you ever won a fantasy esports tournament before, and if so, how does this victory compare?

I got first place once in one of your CSGO tournaments which got me a knife and a mouse that I still use to this day. I also have some top fives in the bag on some of your other fantasy tournaments, but this is by far the biggest win I have ever gotten.

How did your family and friends react to your victory in the tournament?

They were all very happy for me. I already told my family and most friends about the situation, so two friends watched the final with me, and my family checked in on me during the night to get some updates about the game.

What role does esports play in your life?

I do it as a hobby with friends.

How do you stay updated with the latest esports trends and news?

Mostly with Youtube! 

Do you have a specific ritual or routine before playing in an esports tournament?

I usually build different teams with the money I have, take pictures of them and not be too quick about my decision. It usually feels more accessible for me to look at the pictures afterwards, compare the teams and then find the pros and cons of the groups I have built.

What do you think makes fantasy esports unique compared to traditional sports?

The gap between the best teams and tier 2 teams in esport is not as big as in traditional sports. Therefore we can usually witness more upsets in esport, which is way more fun than seeing the same team win repeatedly.

Do you plan to pursue a career in esports, or is it just a hobby for you?

No, just a hobby for me 

Can you tell us about any esports events or tournaments you're looking forward to in the future?

I look forward to MSI next week and the Blast major in Paris.

How does your success in fantasy esports impact your day-to-day life?

So the first prizes I got from your fantasies I still use to this day for my computer setup and in games. I am very thankful that this prize that I just won will help me in the long run.

How do you think esports will continue to evolve and grow?

Hard one, but most things we can evolve are the different playstyles in many games. In FPS, for example, most winning moments come down to reaction time and aim. There is a limit to how fast a reaction we humans can have; therefore, teams need to try other approaches to be the best.

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