PGL Arlington Major 2022

Fantasy Tournament Prizes

🥇 1st place: 100€

🥈 2nd place: 50€

🥉 3rd place: 25€

🎉4th place: 10€

🎉5th place: 5€

*The prizes will be in the shape of steam gift cards. A steam account is required to receive these prizes.

Fantasy Rules

Time zone: UTC−5

Wipe Token

Wipe token makes it possible for you the rebuild and entirely new team and keep the points from your previous team. This usually occurs during stage changes, example: Group stage to Playoff stage. The wipe token in this tournament will take place after the group stage so you will be able to build a new team for the playoffs.

Playoffs Wipe Period
Start: 2022-08-08 21:00 UTC
End: 2022-08-09 15:00 UTC

Sell Tokens

You will have two sell tokens during this tournament. Enabling you to change your lineup in case one of your players has been eliminated. Sell tokens ignore the usual max of two players per team rule. You can only sell during the edit phase.

Point Padding

Point padding has been updated for this tournament. We will now be giving the average points that the player has generated instead of a fixed number. Point padding is given to the teams that have performed well and thus qualified much further in the tournament, making them skip specific matches.

Point Padding Playoffs

The 1st round of point padding will be given to upper bracket teams that progress to Upper Bracket Semi-Finals.
The 2nd round of point padding will be given to the upper bracket teams that progress to Upper Bracket Final.

Bracket Liquipedia

Bench System

You have 3 players on the bench. 1 for each role and can only be swapped with one of their roles, which means you can't have more than 2 core, 2 supports and 1 offlaner playing. Cores swap with cores and supports swap with supports, and so on. You can only make such edits during the edit phase.


Tiebreakers will be removed from this fantasy tournament due to it giving players and unfair advantage. Tiebreakers might show up in our tournament but will be removed shortly after.

Fantasy Point System

KDA points:

Kills = 0,3

Assists = 0,1

Death = -0,3

Resource points:

GPM = 0,002

Runes = 0,1

last hits = 0,003

Camp stacked = 0,2

Team player points:

wards killed 3 = 0.3 (0,1)

Wards placed 1 = 0.1 (0,1)

Tower kills 2 = 2.4 (1,2)

Roshan kills = 1

Courier kills = 1

God mode bonuses: (max 4p per game)

Ultrakill = 1p (limit once per game)

Rampage = 2p (limit once per game)

Kill streak 5 = 1p (limit once per game)

Kill streak 9+ = 2p (limit once per game)

Achievement Prizes

Limmp League

Beat Limmp in his league to win this avatar:

Limmp Avatar
Limmp avatar

Global League

Top 5 players will recieve this avatar:

PGL Arlington Major 2022 avatar
PGL Arlington Major 2022 avatar

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