Partnership Announcement - NLC + E-GO APP

Thanks to a new Partnership - Nordic esports fans can Play Fantasy Esports in a Betting-Free environment.

Stockholm, 2024-04-03 – E-GO APP, the home of fantasy esports, announced their official partnership with NLC today, levelling the excitement through Fantasy Esports for the Northern League of Legends Championship. This landmark partnership means that Nordic esports fans get access to the thrill of official fantasy esports and that E-GO APP takes its first steps with League of Legends in the Nordics. 

With E-GO APP's services integrated into the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC), viewers and fans of the tournament will have a unique experience. They can track data across all players, create their fantasy line-up based on real-time statistics, and compete against their friends and the entire E-GO APP and NLC community, which boasts thousands of Nordic members. All this in a betting-free environment, making it the first fantasy LOL tournament for a local esports tournament in the Nordics. 

Moreover, E-GO APP's services are set to revolutionize the fan experience for local League of Legends enthusiasts. They can stay updated with the latest tournament news, never miss a match, and be part of the excitement at NLC. Our services are designed to heighten viewer engagement in this already fierce and thrilling tournament. 

"Our partnership with E-GO APP will pave the way for an extraordinary fan community event, one that will inspire and captivate fans like never before. We are eager to join forces with E-GO APP, and together, we will elevate the northern esports community to new heights." Said Frederik Hockauf CTO at

Inspired by traditional sports and being passionate about esports, E-GO APP's mission is to help bring the exciting entertainment layer of "Fantasy" to the world of esports. On that mission, having the Northern League of Legends Championship on board marks a significant milestone for E-GO APP, as it is the first official partnership with a tournament organizer in the League of Legends Nordic region. 

"We are committed to bringing the engagement of esports fantasy to one of the best esports leagues in the region. Our promise to the organizers of the Northern League of Legends Championship and their viewers is an environment built for active participation and competition, where they can watch the games and stay up-to-date on how the tournament unfolds, exempt from any form of gambling - GL HF and see you in the leaderboards." Says Viktor “MrMaggo” Maisey, CEO E-GO APP.

About E-GO APP

Founded by a group of gamers in Stockholm, E-GO APP set out with a unified vision to fill a gap in the esports realm, aiming to become the premier destination for fantasy esports. Initially focusing on Counter-Strike and League of Legends, E-GO APP's journey has been perseverance, evolving through challenges to refine its core offering: a seamless fantasy esports platform that stands apart in social responsibility, integrity, and community-driven experiences.

About NLC

The NLC is the Northern League of Legends Champions and is the European Regional League or ERL for Northern Europe. If you're a player from the Nordics, UK or Ireland, this is the best place to climb the esports ladder to EMEA Masters and the LEC!

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