Partnership announcement - Combating traditional betting in esports

Partnership announcement - Combating traditional betting in esports

E-GO APP, a leading platform in the world of fantasy esports, and eNDX, an innovative provider of cutting-edge solutions for the esports community, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that aims to elevate their portfolio of consumer products for esport enthusiasts.

E-GO APP has established itself as a trailblazer in the fantasy niche within the esports industry, offering an immersive platform where gamers from around the globe come together to compete, socialize, and get rewarded for their esports know-how, free from elements of traditional betting. 

On the other hand, eNDX has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to address the challenges of the betting landscape within esports and offer their users an alternate option. 

The synergy between E-GO APP and eNDX is evident, as both companies share a common vision of fostering a community-oriented approach while ensuring the highest standards of integrity. By joining forces, they are poised to deliver sustainable consumer alternatives to conventional betting, enhancing the overall experience for esport enthusiasts globally. 

As the collaboration takes shape, both companies remain committed to transparent communication with their users, keeping them informed about upcoming developments and exciting features that will be introduced in the coming months.


About E-GOAPP:

A platform built on the idea that communities among fans and engaging experiences with the teams we cheer for matter. A Fantasy Esport Solution, the perfect engine for engaging experiences with the teams you cheer for, as you become their virtual manager. And a perfect environment to foster communities that matter with other esport enthusiasts, as you battle it out in fantasy leagues created by you to fit your community-preferences. And being gamers ourselves we know the thrill you get from achieving something on the server, so we´ve gamified the entire consumer experience, with a robust reward system filled with goodies from our partners and on-platform rewards.



About eNDX:

ENDX is the world’s most innovative CS:GO trading platform - a single experience of trading, esports, and fantasy - All fuelled by passion.



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Viktor Maisey


+4670-92 02 132

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