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Stockholm, 2024-03-08 – E-GO APP – The home of fantasy esports, today announced its official partnership with Publiclir. A partnership that will increase engagement around local grassroots esports for Swedish esports fans, through Fantasy Esports. This partnership not only means that fans of Swedish grassroots esports get access to the excitement that official fantasy esports offers, but also that E-GO APP enters its first partnership on home soil in Sweden.

By introducing E-GO APP's services in the Swedish Corporate League, participants and viewers can enjoy a new environment to experience the matches in, with match stats for all matches played, the opportunity to create fantasy teams and compete against both colleagues, friends and the rest of the entire E-GO APP community with thousands of esports fans worldwide. All this in an environment free from any form of betting.

In addition, fans of Publiclir's local grassroots esports will be able to read the latest news from their tournaments, stay up-to-date as games are played and ensure they never miss an exciting moment from the competitions going forward. Overall, E-GO APP's services bring increased engagement to the participants and viewers of Publiclir's already highly engaging tournaments.

"The Swedish Corporate League is one of our most exciting IP’s, mainly because of its unique way of only having organized teams that all have the same employer, the target group itself and the entirety of the league. We are constantly looking at how we can develop the league and continue to improve the experience for participating teams and players. We believe this is both completely new and a good step in the right direction for the league.” says Daniel Skoglund, CEO of Publiclir

Inspired by traditional sports with a burning passion for esports, E-GO APP's mission is to help bring the exciting entertainment phenomenon of "Fantasy" to the world of esports. Within that mission, the partnership with the Swedish Corporate League is an important milestone for E-GO APP, as it is the first official partnership with a grassroots tournament organizer.

"We are determined to bring the engagement that fantasy esport offers to fans and participants in grassroots esports. Our promise to the organizer of the Swedish Corporate League, their viewers and participants is an environment built for active participation and social competition, where they can also watch the matches and stay updated on how the tournament is developing, free from any form of betting - GL HF, see you in the leaderboards." Says Viktor "MrMaggo" Maisey, CEO of E-GO APP.

About E-GO APP

E-GO APP was founded by a group of gamers in Stockholm with a unified vision to fill a void in the esports field, with the goal of becoming the premier platform for fantasy esports. With an early focus on Counter-Strike and League of Legends, E-GO APP's journey has been one of perseverance, and evolving through challenges to refine its core offering: a seamless fantasy esports platform that embraces social responsibility, demonstrates integrity and enables community-driven experiences.

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