League of Legends Worlds 2023 Fantasy Tournament


The League of Legends World Championship 2023 Tournament is the pinnacle of competitive gaming. This global extravaganza brings together the best teams worldwide to compete in the virtual battle arena. As enthusiasts and gamers gear up for this grand spectacle, we delve into the heart of the championship, uncovering its significance, the participating teams, the fierce competition, and much more. 

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Important Dates and Format

Play-in stage deadline: 10th of Oct

Main Stage deadline: 19th of Oct

Play-in Tournament:

Play-In Round 1 - October 10 - 14th

  • Eight teams are divided into two groups where they play a Double-elimination bracket
  • All matches are played in a Bo3.
  • The top 2 teams in each group advance to Play-In Round 2.
  • The bottom 2 teams in each group are eliminated.

Play-In Round 2 - October 15th

  • Four teams from Play-In: Round 1.
  • The Upper Bracket winner from each group competes against Lower Bracket winners of the other group
  • All matches are played in a Bo5.
  • Two winners will advance to Swiss.

Main Stage Tournament: 

Swiss - October 19th - 23rd and 26th - 29th

  • Two teams from the Play-In Stage join fourteen teams with direct entry from China, South Korea, Europe and North America
  • 16 Team Swiss System Format
  • Round 1 teams will be paired against teams from a different region
  • Rounds 2 to 5 are seeded based on each team's win-loss record
  • Elimination and Advancement matches are Bo3
  • All other matches are Bo1.
  • Teams that reach 3 wins in swiss advance to Knockout Stage.
  • Teams that reach 3 losses in swiss are eliminated.

Wipe Period before Knockout Stage

Knockout Stage - November 2nd - 5th, November 11th - 12th and November 19th

  • Eight teams play in a single elimination bracket.
  • Side Selection Privilege
  • Teams with Side Selection Privilege can choose the side in game 1; the losing team can then select the side in the next game.
  • In the Quarterfinals, TBA
  • The Side Selection Privilege will be determined by coin flip in the following matches.
  • All matches are Bo5.
Worlds 2023 Timeline

Prize pool structure

The world championship will have a total prize pool of $1100

See how it's divided below

Play-in Stage ($100): 

MOBAFire Fantasy League: Join here

🏆 1st place: $60

🥈 2nd place: $30

🥉 3rd place $10

Main Stage ($1000):

MOBAFire Fantasy League: Join here

🏆 1st place: $500

🥈 2nd place: $250

🥉 3rd place: $100

4th place: $60

5th place: $40

Group stage winner: $25 

Knockout stage winner: $25

Prize Pool Information

Point padding:

Play-in Stage

The winners of each group will recieve 1 round of average point padding during the decider matches. Time: Oct 14 Game Phase

Play-in Round 2 will have no point padding given. Eliminated teams will not recieve any compensation.

Main Stage

There will be a lot of average point padding during the main stage. Teams scoring 3-0 will receive two rounds of average point padding. Those who score 3-1 will receive 1 round of average point padding, and those who score 3-2 will not receive any point padding; the same goes for those eliminated.


1st Round of point padding: 27th of Oct

  • To the teams who score 3-0

2nd Round of point padding: 29th of Oct

  • To the teams who score 3-0 & 3-1

The teams competing

Play-in Stage teams:

  • CTBC Flying Oyster - PCS Summer
  • DetonatioN FocusMe - LJL Summer
  • GAM Esports - VCS Dusk
  • LOUD - CBLOL Split 2
  • PSG Talon - PCS Summer
  • Rainbow7 - LLA Closing
  • Team Whales - VCS Dusk
  • Team BDS/Golden Guardians

Main Stage teams:

  • Gen.G - LCK Summer
  • T1 - LCK Points
  • KT Rolster - LCK Regional Finals
  • Dplus - LCK Regional Finals
  • JD Gaming - LPL Summer
  • Bilibili gaming - LPL Points
  • LNG Esports - LPL Regional Finals
  • Weibo Gaming - LPL Points
  • Mad Lions - LEC Finals
  • G2 Esports - LEC Finals
  • NRG - LCS Summer
  • Cloud9 - LCS Summer
  • Team Liquid - LCS Summer
  • Fnatic - LEC Finals
  • + 2 teams from play-in stage

How Worlds Championship Fantasy Works

Act as an Esport coach that has a set budget of $1000. Your goal is now to use that budget to buy the perfect mix of players for your team. Picking players that you think will generate high amounts of points whilst also winning matches and staying alive in the tournament is what you should look for.

You must pick five players, one for each role. You can have up to two players from the same team, forcing you to create a unique team. Each position has a specific point system for a more balanced fantasy experience.

Top lane & Jungle

Kills: 0.4 Points

Assists: 0.2 Points

Deaths: -0.15 Points

Creep Score: 0.02 Points

Mid & Bot lane

Kills: 0.4 Points

Assists: 0.15 Points

Deaths: -0.2 Points

Creep Score: 0.015 Points


Kills: 0.4 Points

Assists: 0.35 Points

Deaths: -0.1 Points

Creep Score: 0.03 Points

Team Points:

Turrets: 0.1 Points

Dragons: 0.2 Points

Barons: 0.5 Points

First Blood: 0.5 Points

Win: 2 Points

Understanding Fantasy Phases

During the tournament, you will enter three different phases based on where in the contest we are. These phases determine what you can do with your team and when you can do it.

Building Phase

The building phase is the first stage you enter when joining the tournament. It's here where you create your first team for the regular season. The LEC Season Finals will consist of 1 building stage. You can modify your team as much as you like during this period. Your team and your changes will not be shown to other players.

Edit Phase

You will often enter and exit the editing phase during the tournament. During this phase, you can make changes to your team to maximize your score. You can, for example, sell a player for another or give the captain role to another player in your team. The editing phase starts at 03:00 (tournament timezone) and ends 1 hour before the day's first Match.

Game Phase

During this phase, your lineup is locked, and you can't make any more changes. So sit back and cheer on your players. Hopefully, they will do well!

Captain Feature

The captain feature gives a 50% point bonus to the player you have assigned as your Captain. If you want, you can set a Captain before the league starts, and the captain booster will stay on that player until you actively change it to another player. You have one Captain swap every day, but you will lose your Captain switch for the day if your Captain has started a match series. You can only change Captain during the Edit phase!

Captain = 1.5x bonus points

End Notes

The Organizer reserves the right to change the above Point System and described features at its sole discretion and will inform users of any significant changes by publicly announcing them on the website or in community channels.

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