E-GO APP + Challengermode Ladder Month

E-GO APP Ladder Month

We will be hosting four ladders on Challengermode starting 31st of March and ending in April. These four ladders will have a total prize pool of €100, €25 each. The ladders will consist of the following games:

We highly recommend being part of our Discord server when participating in these ladders, as we will be posting news/updates there. Join here: E-GO APP DISCORD SERVER

Prima eSport works for an including gaming culture and aims to stop bullying in esport. https://prima.gg/


The prize structure for each ladder is the following:

1st place: 10€
2nd place: 5€
3rd place: 3€
4th place: 2€
5th - 9th place: 1£

BONUS: The winner of each ladder will win a permanent & exclusive rank called "Ladder King" on their E-GO APP profile. You are only able to get this rank during this event.

E-GO APP Rank display and Prize pool in €

This is how ladders on challengermode work.

Ladders work in the sense that you join a leaderboard, and based on how you perform in matchmaking games, you will get a specific score in the challengermode leaderboard. The person who receives the highest points and serves the best wins the ladder.

From Challengermode.com

Joining the ladder

You can compete in multiple ladders at once. That will grant you a higher chance to win. On challengermode, there are currently a lot of different types of ladders. These can be daily, weekly, monthly, and subscription-based ones that require you to pay to compete in them; they usually consist of a much higher prize pool.
Once you have registered in a ladder, you can play like you usually do, and the points will automatically start to generate on your profile. Some games require you to be at a certain level to compete.

League of Legends ladder profile

Point system and scores

You can find the point system on any ladder at the bottom right of the ladder.

League of Legends & Dota 2:
You gain points for winning games, getting kills, assists and gold.

You gain points based on your position & your kills.

Teamfight Tactics:
You gain points based on your position & total damage output.

League of legends/Dota2 points

Good luck and have fun!

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