How to create your own Fantasy Esport Team (PGL)

CS:GO PGL Major Fantasy Esport Prizes

Start by downloading the E-GO APP here:


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You can now win amazing prizes from Xtrfy in the latest version of Esport Fantasy for the PGL CS:GO Major 2021.


1st place 🥇:
Headset: H1
Mouse: M4
Keyboard: K4-TKL
Mousepad: GP4
Bungee: B4

2nd place 🥈:
Mouse: M4
Mousepad: GP4
Bungee: B4

3rd place 🥉:
Mousepad: GP4

(View the guide below)

Navigating to the Fantasy Tab

Since this guide is aimed towards the fantasy tab within the E-GO APP we will ignore the other features and steps in the app. Such as signing in/creating your account, creating your personalized esport calendar and watching live matches.

When you open up the app, you will be greeted by the first tab, your esport calendar. You want to press the icon below from that tab and move to the third tab where fantasy esport is located.

Navigating to fantasy image from E-GO APP

Creating your awesome Esport Team

Once you have pressed "2021 PGL Major Stockholm", you will find a new screen where you can create your esport team. Start by picking your lineup. You do this by pressing each position "+", and then a pop up will come with a list of all the players competing in PGL CS:GO Major. Pick and put each player as you like, but do remember that you only have $1000 in budget. You can't go over it, so pick carefully. You can also not select a player twice. My team with 6 Simple's did not work.

If the person you have on the bench starts to outperform those in your lineup, then a good idea would be to swap the bench player with the least performing player. But remember, you are only able to switch players once.

Lastly, pick a cool name for your team.

Team creation images from E-GO APP

Joining or creating a League

Once you have created your esport team, you will get the option to join a league or create your own. If you plan on joining a league, you can then enter any publicly open league, but you can also lock the league so you will only be able to compete versus your friends.

Creating your league is super simple. You only have to name your league and then press "create a league", and you are done! As mentioned above, you can also make the league private if you want to only compete with your friends. If that's the case, you will have a code that you can invite them with.

All players will be automatically placed in the Global Leaderboard, where you can win prizes. If you do not want to be listed on the global leaderboard, please reach out to us.

League images from E-GO APP

Fantasy Point System


0 point if the player has 0-3 kills
1 point for 4-5 kills
2 points for 6-10 kills
3 points for 11-20 kills
5 points for >21 kills


0 points if the player has >20 deaths.
1 point for 15-20 deaths.
2 points for 9-15 deaths.
3 points for < 9 deaths.


0 points if the player has 0-1 assists
1 point for 2-5 assists
2 points for 2-5 assists
3 points for >9 assists


The player with the most headshots in one series gets 3 points.

Keeping track of your team

Now that you have created your team, joined/created your leagues and are ready for PGL to start. You will then be able to check in on your team by going over to the Fantasy tab and expanding the league window. Not only will you see your position but also the other competitors and their points.

For more questions, please join our Discord, and we will make sure to help you out! :)

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