E-GO APP Joins Forces with Haven to Elevate the Experience in the Haven Company League

Stockholm, May 22, 2024 – E-GO APP, the premier platform for fantasy esports, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Haven, marking a new era of excitement and engagement for the Haven Company League. This landmark collaboration introduces the exhilarating world of fantasy esports to Haven's corporate competition, bringing a new dimension of thrill to Norwegian corporate leagues.

Haven's Statement: "Haven is pleased to announce a fantasy partnership with E-GO APP. As we progress in building the world's best corporate competition, fantasy leagues are a fantastic next step for everyone in the Haven Company League. This partnership will enhance the experience of participation and enable companies to build engagement among employees even deeper inside the corporate structures. We cannot wait to hear the screams of joy or cries of despair when someone's colleague has or has not contributed to one's fantasy lineup as hoped for." – Ruben, CEO of Haven.
E-GO APP's Statement: "We are committed to bringing the engagement of esports fantasy to one of the best esports corporate leagues in the region. Our promise to the participants of the Haven Company League and their supporters is an environment built for active participation and competition, where they can strategize their lineup and stay up-to-date on how the tournament unfolds, exempt from any form of gambling. GL HF and see you in the leaderboards." – Viktor "MrMaggo" Maisey, CEO, E-GO APP.

Haven, a corporate esports company  based in the Norway, is dedicated to fostering a vibrant corporate culture through corporate esports. By running and developing the market leading Haven Company League through arenas located in Stavanger and Oslo in addition to online participation, Haven aims to build a unique scandinavian and eventually european corporate esports league. They are using corporate esports to boost working relationships, enhance employer branding and aid recruitment among their many customers. The addition of fantasy esports, courtesy of E-GO APP, promises to invigorate these efforts further.

Inspired by traditional sports and fueled by a passion for esports, E-GO APP is on a mission to bring the exciting entertainment layer of "Fantasy" to the esports world. The partnership with Haven  represents a significant milestone for E-GO APP as it marks its first official collaboration with a tournament organizer from Norway. This venture expands E-GO APP's reach and showcases its commitment to enhancing the fan experience across new and dynamic platforms.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Fantasy esports will drive deeper employee engagement, fostering camaraderie and competition.
  • Corporate Participation: Companies participating in the Haven Company League will benefit from an enriched experience, with employees becoming more involved and invested in the outcomes.
  • Milestone Achievement: This partnership signifies E-GO APP's first step into Norwegian corporate leagues, setting the stage for future collaborations with Haven .

Fans and participants can look forward to an immersive fantasy esports experience that adds a new layer of excitement to every match. With this partnership, E-GO APP and Haven are set to redefine corporate esports engagement, making every play, every victory, and every strategy count more than ever before.

For more information about the Haven Company League and how to get involved in the fantasy esports action, visit the Haven website.

For Media Inquiries:

Isak Håkansson

Head of Partnerships

Phone: +4673-727 01 15

Email: isak@egoapp.gg

Website: https://www.egoapp.gg/

Social Media: Twitter

About Haven : Haven is a corporate esports company  based in the Norway, building the world of corporate competition through esports. They organize, host and develop the Haven Company League and help corporations take part in the future of networking, recruitment and internal culture-building through the use of Havens esport products."

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