HAJP:er exciting news!

We´re proud to present our newest creation together with ESPORTSTUDION - HAJP.

A new and exciting Swedish, intro/hype-cast type format, but as I might be biased... Here is their official Press Release about the new format.


Today, Black Molly Entertainment in collaboration with E-GO APP presents the new format HAJP with ESPORTSTUDION - a new talk show where Fredrik "slop3" Wahlstedt and Adam "Friberg" Friberg, together with other CS:GO stars will deep dive into upcoming tournaments. Premiering April 2, 2023 on Twitch, Youtube and podcast platforms.

In the program we will, among other things, bring to light the "need-to knows" before the tournament starts, “inside info” from the scene, list the best players, with a little extra focus on Swedish players in our "Sweden barometer", and of course also take out our own Fantasy teams before the tournament. The perfect hype-cast for any major tournament.

"For a long time, everything in esports has been about live, live, live, but now ESPORTSTUDION also wants to create a format serving as the perfect introduction to every big tournament. The new format will be broadcast live on Twitch but also available as VOD and POD on several other platforms", ​​says Tomas Lyckedal, business developer at BME, also a guest in the first episode.

First guest - Sweden's most successful CS coach of all time: FaZe RobbaN

We´ll have a Swedish guest star in every episode, who is participating in the upcoming tournament. We can proudly present our first guest who will be Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström, coach of the number one team in the world - FaZe. RobbaN is one of the most experienced players and coaches in Swedish esports and during his time in FaZe he has contributed to the team winning over 50 million SEK in prize money.

Planned episodes:

HAJP pre RMR 2nd of April, 6 PM CEST

HAJP pre IEM Rio 16th of April, 6 PM CEST

HAJP pre BLAST Paris Major 7th of May, 6 PM CEST

E-GO APP as HAJP partner

As we launch the new format, we are stoked to have E-GO APP with us. The Swedish consumer platform is the ultimate Fantasy experience for esports fans and we are grateful to have a partner that creates valuable production content and a unique experience for our viewers.

As the format starts, all viewers will be able to create their own Fantasy team and compete with the profiles in ESPORTSTUDION. To compete for great prizes and the eternal glory that comes with winning over ESPORTSTUDION's profiles in CS:GO Fantasy, you will find the competition in ESPORTSTUDION’s and E-GO's channels shortly.

About E-GO APP

Out of the 500 million esports consumers out there today, 240 million of them are enthusiasts.

That's right - and there´s more content and titles than ever before to fall in love with, but the consumer experience is still scattered.

Most enthusiasts have three challenges with the consumer infrastructure of today:

- Being able to put their esports know-how to use

- Enjoying and sharing their passion with other enthusiasts

- Ever-changing tournament schedules and lack of notifications

That´s why we built E-GO APP - An esports fantasy platform that gamifies, elevates & aggregates every aspect of esport consumption.

About Black Molly Entertainment

HAJP with Esportstudion is a format owned and produced by Black Molly Entertainment AB. Black Molly Entertainment is a creative esports collective, founded in Sweden in 2013. Originally a production company, but today also a full-scale production agency specialized in esports. We offer services to everyone in the esports ecosystem - brands, teams, events, game publishers and media. The company consists of 14 full-time employees and a large network of freelancers, with an office and studio in Stockholm. BME is also a co-owner and partner of the communications agency Frame.

Read more at www.bme.nu

Read the official Swedish release HERE 

Press contact:

Questions about Esportstudion, Tomas Lyckedal +46 70 965 1337, tomas@bme.nu

Questions about E-GO APP, Viktor Maisey +46 70 920 2132, viktor@egoapp.gg

If that doesn´t get your esport juices flowing I don´t know what will, hope to see you in the leaderboards in RMR.

Join the RMR Fantasy tournament now HERE - Much Love!

//Viktor “MrMaggo” Maisey”

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