E-GO APP partners with GRID to power the esports fantasy ecosystem with official data.

Berlin, Stockholm, January 17, 2024 - E-GO will utilize live League of Legends Esports data available on the GRID Data Platform to power our fantasy esports products.

GRID stands out as a specialized platform for in-game data assets, providing infrastructure and distribution solutions based on proprietary game title-agnostic technology. Renowned as the preferred in-game data solution for leading game publishers such as Riot Games, KRAFTON, and Ubisoft, as well as over 70 tournament organizers in the VALVE Ecosystem.

E-GO APP has positioned itself as the preferred entertainment platform for esports content, for thousands of esport fans already. Fully equipped with event information, live-streams for games, stats and fantasy esports E-GO elevates esports consumption to the next level. Coupled with E-GO’s unique way to integrate Tournament Organizers and brands in the entertainment offering E-GO really brings a fresh take on how we can expect to experience esport in the future.

‘We are thrilled to join forces with the visionary team at E-GO. Their commitment to delivering top-tier fantasy entertainment aligns perfectly with our shared vision for the future of esports. Powered by official League of Legends data from GRID, we are excited to follow E-GO's growth journey in the years to come.’ - says Klas Rosenqvist, Senior Sales Manager.

As a result of obtaining data only from the official sources, GRID Data is the fastest, most granular, and reliable on the market enabling E-GO to leverage these qualities in our efforts to provide the most engaging esports fantasy experience available.

‘E-GO APP is one of the most engaging fantasy platforms for League of Legends Esports. It’s always free to participate and we always strive to offer an industry leading user experience. So, partnering with GRID, the exclusive data partner of Riot Games and provider of LoL Esports Data, was a natural step for us to continue offering the cutting-edge fantasy experience to our users. Alongside our fantasy solution our users also enjoywatching the games live, deep diving in stats and keeping track of their esports of preference. And lastly, we’re looking forward to getting on the GRID.’ - says Viktor Maisey, CEO.

GRID Data will be used to power E-GO’s full League of Legends entertainment offering starting with their first ever Fantasy Season in League of Legends. The first seasonal fantasy league is the LEC Winter Split and the total prize pool will be at least $500.

About E-GO

We are your local sports bar combined with “Fantasy Football” but for esports in a digital arena. A mix of engaging experiences with the teams you cheer for, as you become their virtual manager. And unforgettable moments with communities of other esports fans, through live games, stats and fantasy leagues created by you to fit your communities esport preferences - The home of fantasy esports.

E-GO APP is headquartered and fully operated in Stockholm, Sweden

For more information, please visit www.egoapp.gg or contact viktor@egoapp.gg

About GRID

GRID is a specialized platform for in-game data assets, offering infrastructure and distribution solutions based on a proprietary game title-agnostic technology to the competitive game ecosystem.

Sourced exclusively from official channels through partnerships with the rights holders (Riot Games, Ubisoft, KRAFTON, and over 70 tournament organizers in VALVE Ecosystem) GRID Data is distributed to over 350 integrated commercial users and through the GRID Portals - to other groups, including competitive players, independent creators (the GRID Open Access project), and academic institutions.

GRID is headquartered in Berlin with the teams in the USA, China, Sweden & Poland.

For more information, please visit www.grid.gg or contact press@grid.gg

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