Fantasy Tutorial LoL Worlds 2022

What is Fantasy Esport?

Fantasy Esport is a way for you to compete and display your esport know-how. You act as a coach for a virtual esport team where you can create your dream team with a limited budget. Mix players from different teams, assign a captain and sell players all in the hopes of beeing crowned champion at the end of the fantasy tournament.

How to sing up

Start by navigating to MOBAFires Fantasy info page. You can enter that page here: Info Page. Upon entering the page, you can then navigate to either the Event Rules or Join Today via E-GO APP. When you press Join today, you will be guided to our E-GO APP fantasy engine, where you can create your team and explore our fantasy structure.

MOBAFire fantasy page

If you don't already have a MOBAFire account, you will then be redirected to their login page. Your MOBAFire and E-GO APP accounts will be linked, saving you time.

MOBAFire Login Page

How to create your lineup

Creating your lineup will be the most important thing you do in this fantasy tournament. It is important to balance your 1000 credits across five players across all the different roles. You can modify your team as much as you like until 1 hour before the first match of the tournament. You will also be able to see the pick rate of certain players, this can either indicate that the player is well worth its credit or that you want to pick something else to stand out from the rest of the participants. We advise you to experiment and change your lineup a lot until you find the best player combination.

Creating a Lineup

How to apply the Captain role to a player

The second most important thing, once you are happy with your combination of players, is going to be to appoint a team captain. If you fail in doing so, you leave easily earned points on the table. The captain role gives 50% bonus points to the appointed player. A good strategy is to put it on your best player to get maximum value from the boost. You assign the captain role by pressing one of the players in your lineup and then pressing the captain button. You can appoint a new captain each day, and your active chice locks 1 hour before the first match of the day.

Zeka Captain

How phases work

During the tournament, you will be entering and exiting different phases. And you can see a detailed description of the phases below.

  • Game phase is the most common and will be activated when the matches are being played. You can not make any edits to your team while in the Game phase.
  • Edit phase enables you the change captain and sell players if you wish. You will enter this stage everyday in-between Game phases.
  • Build phase is when you can build your team from the start.
  • Wipe phase is when you rebuild your team for the next stage of the tournament.

Community Discord Server

That's the basics! If you struggle with anything or need a question about a specific mechanic, please feel free to message us or our community members in our discord.

Discord Server

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