Introducing Fantasy Seasons: Alpha

Yes! It's happening. With the start of this year's tournaments, we are introducing Fantasy Seasons, an accumulation of your performance throughout multiple tournaments. 

It's now more important than ever to be consistent and to show your esport knowledge.

Starting with Season Alpha

Season Alpha will be our first Season with a prize pool. We call it Alpha since we are testing some features and the structures of a Season. The Alpha Season will be shorter, and after it, a Beta season will follow, so we have time to iterate for Season 1, which will take place in Fall 2024. 

We will separate Counter-Strike and League of Legends into two different Seasons. The seasons will count S-Tier, A-Tier and B-Tier tournaments; see the point system below. 

We will also split up longer tournaments, moving away from wipe periods when possible to give you more entries/attempts at the Season leaderboard. 

The Season Alpha will start with the first tournaments of this year and end somewhere in April, before the MSI for League of Legends and Pro League s19 for Counter-Strike. The schedule might change depending on the tournament schedules; therefore, it is called Alpha, so stay tuned for any changes in our Discord Server. 

Season 0

We have also taken some time to create a Season 0, completing all previous tournaments that we have hosted and saved in our database and giving us a ranking based on that. Just for fun! 

You can see the Season 0 leaderboard here: Season 0

Season Point System:

We will count S-Tier, A-Tier and B-Tier events for season Alpha accordingly: 

Season Point System

Season FAQ

Read more here: SEASON FAQ

1. What is Fantasy Seasons?'

Fantasy Seasons is an exciting new feature where every tournament throughout a season contributes to a more extensive leaderboard. Players earn points based on their placements in each tournament, varying across S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier events and rankings from the top 1% to 100%. The goal is accumulating as many points as possible to climb the season leaderboard.

2. Who is Fantasy Seasons designed for?

This feature is tailored for esports enthusiasts, casual fantasy players, gamblers, and traders looking for a comprehensive and engaging fantasy gaming experience.

3. Where can I access Fantasy Seasons?

Initially, Fantasy Seasons will be exclusive to our website. However, you can join season leagues through our app.

4. How do I sign up for Fantasy Seasons?

You can sign up through various landing pages, including our tournament and leagues pages. Make sure to join the first-season league for the best start.

5. Is Fantasy Seasons free to play?

Yes, Fantasy Seasons is free-to-play. Participants can win prizes in individual season leagues and larger prizes across the Season.

6. How long does a Fantasy Season last?

We are launching "Season Alpha," which will last approximately three months. This will be followed by "Season Beta" with a similar timeframe. Starting H2 2024, we will launch our first official half-year season.

Good luck, and Have fun! 

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