ESL Pro League S17: Point Padding

What is point padding?

Point padding is a system that grants additional points to players who qualify for higher rounds in the tournament. This system compensates for the fewer matches they play in the later stages, which would have resulted in lower points. Point padding is essential to reward players for choosing the winning teams, and at E-GO APP, we have two versions of point padding: Average and Static PP.

Point padding dates:

Group A

First Round of point padding to UB Final teams: 25th of Feb

2nd Round of Point padding to UB Final teams & winner of Mid bracket: 26th of Feb

Group B

First Round of point padding to UB Final teams: 4th of March

2nd Round of Point padding to UB Final teams & winner of Mid bracket: 5th of March

Group C

First Round of point padding to UB Final teams: 11th of March

2nd Round of Point padding to UB Final teams & winner of Mid bracket: 12th of March

Group D

First Round of point padding to UB Final teams: 18th of March

2nd Round of Point padding to UB Final teams & winner of Mid bracket: 19th of March


Static Point padding for 2nd & 1st place: 21 of March

Static Point padding for 1st place: 22 of March

Average Point Padding:

Average point padding is granted in an ongoing tournament, usually under Game Phase. As a rule, we try to provide point padding to the players who deserve it while the match they "skipped" is played. Average point padding is based on their total fantasy points/amount of matches.

For example, if you had Sunpayus, who generated 30 points in 3 matches, You would get 10 points in average PP.

It's worth noting that a player must have played at least one match in your lineup before earning point padding. This rule is in place to prevent fantasy players from buying players solely to get point padding.

Static Point Padding:

What happens if the stage or tournament starts with a team that has already progressed further in the bracket than others? In some situations where for example, a team won a group stage and thus has earned a spot in further in the next stage, they will be given static point padding.

Static point padding results in +6 points given per match missed and is usually given during the matches they miss.

Unlike average point padding, the player does not have to have played one match in your lineup before receiving the lineup, since it is awarded at the start of that stage.

Point padding during Group Stage

This is a made up situation for Group A in EPLs17. The images are only to help visualize how point padding will work. This example will apply to other groups.

Group A Example

In this example both Fnatic and G2 Esports will be rewarded with one round of average point padding since they are playing one match less than Cloud 9 and Eternal Fire.

Last Chance Example

This is where point padding gets tricky! As you can see, Outsiders have played a total of 5 matches in this example which will reward Fnatic, G2 Esports and Cloud9 with a round of average point padding. As you can see, Eternal Fire has played 6 matches. This might not be the case if "Evil Geniuses" wins over them. Usually, this would result in another round of point padding for the qualified teams. However, we will not send point padding to teams for this match because it is very peculiar for this format.

In conclusion for the group stage:

The upper bracket finalists (This case, Fnatic & G2 Esports) will get 2x Rounds of Average Point padding.

The lower bracket winner (This case, Cloud9) will get 1x round of Average Point padding.

Understanding point padding during Playoffs

Once we enter the playoffs of ESL Pro League you will enter a new building phase where you can create a whole new team based on the teams who have qualified. Depending on where these teams placed in their group they will be granted +6 static point padding which you can see in the image below.


If point padding is missing

There can be instances where we miss to give point padding to a specific player, this could be due to an error in our tools or simply us forgetting about that player. If this happens, please get in touch with us in Discord and we will correct it.

Do not worry about making changes to your team before point padding has been sent out, everything in our fantasy tournaments is time-based, which means that we can send point padding in the past.



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