E-GO APP Leagues Update

A big update is coming to our Fantasy Leagues: how we structure tournaments, interface, and plans for making the E-GO APP more engaging.

Fantasy Leagues and Leaderboards are changing.

The team have been working hard to make it possible to have different teams/lineups for each League. Previously, Leagues have been a way for you to separate your community from the Global Leaderboard, making it easier to follow each other's progress.

Starting with Blast Premier EU + America, you will now be able to have a different team for each League. There will no longer be a mandatory Global League where everyone must compete. All Leagues are optional. But don't worry, there will still be prizes in the featured Leagues. 

This change was made to empower you, our Esport Managers, to compete in different ways for additional prizes. Leagues are now listed as Featured, Creator, Trending, and Community Leagues. 

The goal is to offer different game modes for Leagues sometime in the future. The featured Leagues will likely be standard Draft Mode for quite some time, but we are looking for ways to add All Random and Worst Team Wins to Leagues soon. 

CherryXtrfy Fantasy League

Interface & Information Update

Tournaments will now act as informational hubs to see your teams, stats, leagues, event details, etc. The competition will be held in its Leagues. 

Some of you might have noticed that the Edit Phase now starts much earlier than before. We have changed to make it begin 1 hour after the last game instead of 03:00 CEST every night. 

With the new change of Edit Phase, we have also decided to add a timeline in each League with time stamps for every phase. This should make it easier to know the next steps in the League without going to our Tactical Guides. 

Kamus Creator League

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