E-GO APP enters in a new partnership with SubZero E-Games

Esport Fantasy is coming to Northland's most significant Swedish Counter-Strike tournament, marking a major milestone for E-GO APP and SubZero E-Games events.

Stockholm, 2024-04-23. E-GO APP, the leading platform for fantasy esports, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with SubZero E-Games events. This collaboration, designed by fans for fans, is set to redefine the esports fantasy landscape. As the official fantasy partner for the most prestigious esports event in northern Sweden, E-GO APP is bringing Esport Fantasy to the forefront of the Swedish Counter-Strike tournament in Northland.

Through this partnership, E-GO APP and SubZero E-Games are introducing a thrilling fantasy league competition alongside their established Counter-Strike tournament. Viewers can now delve into the world of pro players, create their dream fantasy line-up, and compete for exciting prizes against friends and fellow gamers. All this, in a safe and secure environment, free from any form of betting or gambling. 

With E-GO APP's services, fans can stay updated with the latest tournament news, track match schedules, and never miss a thrilling moment from the competition. This partnership is set to elevate viewer engagement, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already intense and captivating tournament.

"We are excited to enter into this partnership with E-GO APP," said Jonathan Herbertsson, co-founder of SubZero E-Games. "Integrating fantasy league elements into eSports is an exciting development. We look forward to jointly creating a fantasy tournament for the CS2 tournament. With a prize pool of SEK 150,000 for the main event, we also plan to, in collaboration with E-GO APP, offer an attractive prize pool for the fantasy participants."

Inspired by traditional sports and being passionate about esports, E-GO APP's mission is to help bring the exciting entertainment layer of "Fantasy" to the world of esports. On that mission, having the SubZero E-Games board marks an essential milestone for the E-GO APP.

“We are committed to bringing the engagement of esport fantasy to one of the best esport leagues in the region. Our promise to the organizers at SubZero E-Games and their viewers is an environment built for active participation and competition, where they can watch the games and stay up-to-date on how the tournament unfolds, exempt from any form of gambling - GL HF and see you in the leaderboards.” Says Viktor “MrMaggo” Maisey, CEO E-GO APP.

About E-GO APP

E-GO APP was founded by a group of gamers in Stockholm to become the leading fantasy esports platform. Initially, the focus was on Counter-Strike and League of Legends. The journey of E-GO APP has been one of perseverance, evolving through challenges to refine its core offering. The platform strives to stand apart in social responsibility, integrity, and community-driven experiences. E-GO APP aims to be the premier destination for fantasy esports and is committed to providing a seamless experience for its users.

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