Welcome to the E-GO APP Cup

Our biggest tournament yet in Valorant and CS:GO was made possible by Opera GX.

Important Information

The E-GO APP Cup will consist of a total of 16 qualifiers in which the top 8 teams from each qualifier gets a slot in the final match. There will be eight qualifiers for each game. We aim to stream each qualifier on our stream hosted by our casters. 

Every participant must download Opera GX via this link: Opera GX

Every participant must download E-GO APP on their phone:


Google Play

Teams that don't download the services above before the tournament start will NOT be entitled to any tournament payout if they win.

Once you have won a qualifier and received a slot in the finals, you cannot compete in another qualifier. Doing so may risk your team's spot in the final. 

Prize money

The finals will have a total prize pool of €2000, which means €1000 for each game. The prize money is split up as shown below. 

1st place: €600

2nd place: €300

3rd place: €100 

You are also able to win prize money in the qualifiers. The prize money from the qualifiers is shown below. 

1st place: €50

2nd place: €13

Tournament Structure 

Please read all the information on each tournament. A failure to follow the tournament rules will result in you getting disqualified.

Team: 5v5+2subs

Region: Europe

Format: Single Elimination (BO1)

Final match: BO3

Check-in period: 45 min before the start.

Free to enter.

Roster Lock.

The Finals

The finals will be a two-day event. You can find the dates below.

Valorant Final: 2nd - 3rd October
CS:GO Final: 9th - 10th October

Your team's captain will receive a message in challengermode if you have qualified for the finals. If you are one of the finalists, please create a ticket and request the Finalist 🏅 role. The role will give you access to the E-GO APP Cup channels.

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