CS:GO €100 DUEL - 1V1 Tournament

Tournament information

It's time to show your skill in our upcoming 1v1 tournament in CS:GO. Taking place on the 8th of January at 18:00 CET. Register here: TOURNAMENT

The prize pool of this tournament is €100 and is split as follows. 

  • First place - €60
  • Second place - €30
  • Third place - €10 

 The tournament structure is the following.

  • Single Elimination, BO1. (Final being a BO3)
  • 16 Rounds
  • Maps are: Selected aim_* maps
  • Prime is required to compete.


The tournament is powered and hosted on Challengermode. They have a space for tournament organizers and players to connect and smooth the process. If you are confused about using the website, please feel free to contact us on Discord, and we will make sure that you are registered. 

Here are some helpful links:

Complete beginner

Adding your CS:GO Steam account

How to play a CS:GO tournament

Challengermode General Rules

Request to join

We have added a request to join feature on this tournament to make sure that everyone who plays the contest is from the E-GO APP community. This means that every player has to download our esport app E-GO APP to compete. You can download it below: 



Once you have created an account on our mobile app, please request to join and write your username in the request. We check requests quite often but feel free to message us in Discord that you have requested. That can speed up the process sometimes. 

And finally, 


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