Blast Premier Fall Groups 2022 Fantasy

Fantasy Tournament Prizes

🥇 1st place: Navaja Knife | Doppler (FN)

Navaja Knife | Doppler (FN)

🥈 2nd place: StatTrak™ ★ Shadow Daggers | Urban Masked (FT)

StatTrak™ ★ Shadow Daggers | Urban Masked (FT)

🥉3rd place: MP9 | Starlight Protector (FN)

MP9 | Starlight Protector (FN)

🎉4th place: AK-47 | Frontside Misty (FN)

AK-47 | Frontside Misty (FN)

🎉5th place: M4A1-S | Guardian (FN)

M4A1-S | Guardian (FN)

Top 10 players will recieve this event exclusive avatar:

Blast Fall Groups 2022 Achievement Avatar

Fantasy Rules & Game Info

Tournament timezone: UTC+2

Wipe Tokens

Blast Premier Fall Groups 2022 will consist of 2 different build phasesdividing the group stage and the knockout stage. You can see the specific times for the wipes below. During the wipe period, you have the opportunity to rebuild your team completely and create one for the next stage. You do this by pressing the white building icon. You can modify your team how much you like during the wipe period. Please note that your team will lock in at the end date of the wipe period. Your changes will be visible to other players.

Group Stage:

End Date: 2022-08-19 11:00:00

Knockout Stage wipe:

Start Date: 2022-08-21 19:30:00

End Date: 2022-08-25 11:00:00

Point Padding

Point padding is given to those players that perform well and thus qualify/progress within the tournament and skip important matches. To compensate for this progress, we give these players point padding based on their average score throughout the tournament. If there isn't an average score, we will provide static point padding based on their prize. You can see how we will approach point padding for this tournament below:

Stage 1: Group Stage

Point padding will be given to the finalist of the upper bracket.

Stage 2: Knockout Stage

Gr 2nd place and Gr 1st place will receive 1st round of point padding - 25th Aug 16:00:00 UTC

Gr 1st place will receive 2nd round of point padding - 26th Aug 16:00:00 UTC.

*Benched players will still get point padding.

Point System and Phases

Building Phase

During this phase, you're usually building your line-up in the lead-up for the tournament to start. But you can also find yourself in a building phase in future tournaments, for example, between a group stage and play-offs. The rules for this phase are easy - FREE FOR ALL! - You can do whatever edits you want to your line-up. The only restriction you have is that you can't see other player's line-up.

Edit Phase

This phase is a new edition to our E-GO Fantasy experience, and you'll continuously enter the "EDIT Phase" during an ongoing tournament. We'll base all our phases on the time zone where the tournament is played, and the "EDIT Phase" starts every day at 03:00, and it will continue until there are 60 minutes before the first match for the day (original schedule). During the editing phase, you can swap captain and bench how many times you want, and you can use your sell-tokens. This means that if there are no matches for a day, the "EDIT Phase" will last for the entire day

Lock Phase

As stated in the segment about the "EDIT phase", this period starts 60 minutes before the first match for the day. And this is also a new edition to our E-GO Fantasy Experience, and it's also effortless to explain - you can't do anything in regards to your line-up. The "LOCK Phase" will end whenever the next "EDIT Phase" or "BUILDING Phase" starts. This is when the games in the tournament are played, and you receive your points for your active line-up.

Point System

Here is the point system we will be using in the Blast Premier: Spring Showdown tournament

1 Kill = +0.4 points

1 Assist = +0.2 points

1 Death = -0.15 points

KD-rating = 0-4 points

  • KD-rating: 0.8-1.0 = 1 point
  • KD-rating: 1.1-1.2 = 2 points
  • KD-rating: 1.3-1.5 = 3 points
  • KD-rating: 1.5+ = 4 points

Winning a match series = 2 points

Losing a match series = 0 points

Point system in practice:

Every player in your "active roster" will receive points per series rather than per map, see a BO3-example below.

Map 1 = 11 points, map 2 = 12 points & map 3 = 9 points. In this case, that player would receive 32/3 = 10.7 points. Of course + the average KD rating in that series and the extra 2 points if that player's team won that series.

Captain Feature

The captain feature gives a 50% point bonus to the player you have assigned as your Captain. If you want, you can assign a Captain before the league starts, and the captain booster will stay on that player until you actively change it to another player. You have one captain-swap every day, but you will lose your captain-swap for the day if your captain has started a match series.

Captain = 1.5x bonus points

Selling a player

You can sell and buy players (but use your player transactions wisely, you only have 2 of them). When selling a player, you will be refunded the amount you purchased the player for. However, you can not sell a player if they are in a match. You will keep the points of your traded players for the remainder of the tournament. At the start of a tournament, you can have a maximum of 2 players from any team, but when you sell a player, you can bypass the limitation of 2 players from one section. So from the point of selling a player, you could have 3-4 players from one team (that is, if you can afford them, of course). But keep in mind that you only have 2 "Player-transactions" per tournament.

Player-transactions = 2

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