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Elisa Masters has come to an end but that doesn’t mean we are without tier 1 CS for the upcoming days. BLAST is here again with both some of the best teams in the world but also with some question marks. Fluxo, the clear underdog will fight their hardest in group B but will have a hard time, starting off with a match against s1mple & the rest of NaVi.

Looking at the other group, I can’t put my finger on where to place NIP right now, with Aleksib taking over the IGL role and their short run at the major. Therefore, I think they are pretty weak until they prove otherwise. It won’t be easy as Heroic which looked good at the Major is the first team they’ll have to beat.


Same as in Elisa, there will be no bench with all five players being active all the time. The difference here is that three out of four teams from each group will advance to the playoffs in a double elimination bo3 format. Since there are very few matches, I recommend you go with strong players instead of focusing on which team to go to the finals. If you have a player that gets eliminated, you can easily sell him and get a new one.

Teams from group A & B will play the same day so you won’t be able to do like many did in Elisa. Having two players from group A playing day one, then sell those and get two new players that play group B. This is a strategy Iused in Elisa that won’t work here.

There might be a couple of users that sell two players immediately toget four players from the same team. This is a HUGE risk to do in the beginning since you’re pretty much out if that team loses. Of course, if this team wins all their matches and go to the final, that user will be in a great spot. Doing this move in the playoffs however, could be a good move. It all depends how the situation looks like.


I find the following players too expensive or that there are better players to choose from for a cheaper price. As I always say, you want as much value out from your players as possible. This often means that you can have all your players doing good without the need of picking a cheap budget player.

*nexa 190$
*Hampus 195$
*I see jks as the best budget player under 170$
*Any player from team Fluxo


*m0NESY 201$
*jks 169$
*cadiaN 180$
*Perfecto 179$
*ropz 202$

Valuable players


Heroic is the highest ranked team #2
Fluxo is the lowest ranked team #28
Groups: Double Elimination Bo3
Playoffs: Single Elimination Bo3
No wipe phase.
No bench.


Group A

- I believe Heroic will come out on top of group A. They looked good in the major and will most likely have an easy start over a shaky NIP. Their second match vs FaZe/OG could be tougher, but I still give Heroic the upper hand here to top the group.

Group B

- I know that many believes in G2 but I think the boys from NaVi will take the first place. They should have the easiest start out of all teams facing Fluxo in their first match. G2 are probably very eager to play though since they sat out of the major and Liquid didn’t impress at all, so I give the second place to the Kovac brothers.


- Of course, it’s incredibly hard to get all the predictions right. Even if NaVi places second or third of their group, I got them as the winners of the event. This due to having a really good map-pool and being a stable team with s1mple at the edge.

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