1danne1 Elisa Espoo Fantasy Thoughts

General Thoughts

An amazing event has come to an end. The Rio Major has been incredible and we’re now to cool down a bit with this tournament. That doesn’t mean there is nothing at stake though, 200.000$ in the prizepool and a spot at the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-in for the winner. With a lot of recognized teams that comes directly from Brazil, we see ENCE, the finnish organization battling out for the first spot.

Fantasy tips

New to this fantasy is that there will be no bench. We will only use five active players throughout the whole tournament with no wipe phase so picking the right team from the beginning is very important. There will be a lot of Bo1 matches with the matches playing out in the round-robin format, meaning all teams will face each other once with the top three teams from each group advancing to the playoffs. I would therefore highly recommend you to only pick players from teams you think will go through. As always, to find those valuable players is key for your team to have a chance at the skins waiting for the top four users on the leaderboard.

Players to avoid

I find the following players too expensive or that there are better players to choose from for a cheaper price. As I always say, you want as much value out from your players as possible. This often means that you can have all your players doing well without picking a cheap budget player.

Valde 210$
s1n 216$
niki1 170$
Rainwaker 213$

Valuable players

Sunpayus 205$
Snappi 164$
Krimbo 170$

Except these three I feel like every fnatic player are pretty OK to choose from aswell, everyone around the 200$ pricetag.

Good to know

ENCE is the highest ranked team #11.
HAVU is the lowest ranked team #65.
Round-Robin Bo1. Single elimination Bo3 in playoffs.
No wipe phase.
No bench.


As always, it’s harder to predict the outcome of a format with Bo1’s. However, here are one team from each group that I’m certain of going through to the playoffs:

-         ENCE from group A.

-         Fnatic from group B.

Teams I think will have a hard time going into the playoffs are:

-         HAVU from group A.

-         500 from group B.

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