Fantasy Game Changes

Changes coming to our Fantasy system in 2023.

Here are the most recent changes to our beloved fantasy system starting in 2023.

Point Padding

Point padding will be receiving some changes in 2023. Previously, you could use your sell tokens to acquire point padding before actually earning it. This caused some players to be able to calculate the outcomes of their sells, and although there is a risk of having your team eliminated, the average point padding received was usually worth it.

The change: 

From now on and forward, you can't solely buy players for their point padding. They must have played 1 game in your team before beeing awarded point padding.

Sell Token

A significant change is coming to our sell tokens. We have seen that in 2022 that players who have usually won are those that bought 4 players from the same team early in the tournament, and if that team win, they rank high, generally winning. Doing this play is a significant risk; thus, you should receive a big reward. But it could be more skillful. It transformed our fantasy from making the best team to guessing which team wins. Which is why we have changed the sell token. 

The change: 

From now on and forward, you will be given 1 sell token per stage, depending on the tournament format. Sell tokens will also respect the max 2 players per team rule.

We are excited to see how this will transform our fantasy tournaments in 2023. We also have some exciting game updates in store, which will be announced when they are ready.

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